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Silica Cloth

Silica Cloth รหัสสินค้า : HS0001
ผู้ผลิต :
รายละเอียด :
Air slide fabrics are used for conveying free flowing powder and granulate bulk
materials. Air slide fabrics are produced using various textiles and yarns.
This enables us to offer customers fabrics of various thicknesses,
air permeability, tensile strength and heat resistance. Air slide fabrics can be
found in industries such as:
- cement
- aluminum, chalk and gypsum
- power plants (fly ash disposal)
- pharmaceutical
- chemical
The choice of suitable fabrics for special applications can be customized by:
- type of equipment
- kind of bulk material, particle size, temperature and moisture content of the bulk material
- environmental influences like outdoor temperature and humidity
We are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials
selected high strength polyester and aramid fibers. They are also
produced according to the special demands of our customers.
- Uniform high quality raw synthetic materials used in weaving process
- Full synthetic smooth fibers -100% Polyester multifilament fabric Smooth weave and even pores High strength
and temperature treated fibers
Multi-filament yarns shown as woven fabric
Temp : 1200 C
Thk 1.5 mm X Weight 1000

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